2015 Review – So fast, yet so slow.

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Okay, I shouldn’t have left this to the last minute…I feel like missed the deadline 🙂

2015 was an interesting year. I started it sick with chicken pox, hopeful for a job in the United Kingdom. I had little certainty about where I was going to be in the next few months and I was sick of the waiting process. I hoped the year will exceed my expectations…it did in some ways.


In January, I learnt that i might not be able to stay back in the United kingdom. I was a bit sad but took it pretty well. There was still a ray of hope that I could come back, so I packed my bags and went back to my fatherland (or is it motherland?)

I was still working remotely as a designer and front end web developer for a company in the United Kingdom. I was on a daily contract, that was cool…plenty money, until the company did not get the licence to sponsor my return.

I went for a few interviews but finally decided to go back to my old company – Seamfix. I negotiated a different role I didn’t have experience for and got it! Yay me, I became a Product Manager. It came with an ‘apartment’, lovely flatmates and a change in location and lots of new experiences. Awesome stuff (most of the time until the apartment decides to suck the life out of me, story for another day). I learnt to truly take care of myself, it was different from my previous apartment, here, nothing seemed to work properly, because some Nigerians just suck at property maintenance.

I started work and loved the experience, product management is an interesting role. It lets you get involved in so many things (strategy, user experience, people management, Digital marketing, product development, relationship management and the list goes on) depending on the company or product. In this case, my product was sort of a start up start up and in was the CEO on most days. I have learnt what it really means to grow a product.

The past 9 months been a lot of fun but you see people management is a dicey thing. I did learn though, never underestimate the importance of the team you surround yourself with. The product is not where i hoped it would be but looking back it has grown greatly and I am grateful for the opportunity and the responsibility.

I had a few design/development projects along side but to be honest, It became really hard to do so many things (I really need to learn how CEOs of really big organisations do it, they are everyday heroes). I tried to focus on mostly work and had a standard line for people who reached to me for one opportunity or the other (which was a lot, Gracias Linkedin) …. Thank you for reaching out to me, but i am not currently available bla bla bla. I will be more open to opportunities in 2016.




This year, on good friday, my best friend proposed to me! It was totally unexpected at the time for several reasons. I was chair dancing (because i am the queen of that type of dance) to Marry you by Bruno Mars which I thought the restaurant played randomly and Bam!

One kneel

A diamond ring

My friends shouting

Hahaha. Love is a beautiful thing really.

Wedding planning is tough work, sometimes, I just want to elope…I am not cut out for this stress but then I remember I only have to do this once. Grateful for amazing in-laws, I have gained new parents and brothers!

It was a year full of activity for Amplebrain, God showed up in so many ways. I am forever grateful for growth, strength and grace. I love you AmpleBrain.


My relationship with God…well, there was a lot of silence, mostly from me…I am not sure why, I miss everything ( sometimes, I just sit and think I miss God, much like when I think about friends I miss). I intend to do better in 2016.

This year, I learnt to drive but nobody will let me drive their car, because pot of beans life. I shall buy my car l’agbara Jesu!

My finances, you ask? lol. I should have much more in savings, I should have more streams of income, I should have some investment… sigh, tomorrow is another day :). I did a better job of keeping track though but I am not there yet.

I miss music, feels like I didn’t listen to music a lot this year, too busy living and working maybe, but thats not right, I like how happy songs make me when I discover one I really like. I’ll need to find that feeling again. Maybe, tell me your favourite songs in the comment section? Help a sister.

I finally applied for my pmp and was selected for the random audit. Look, its such bad luck to be honest, what did i ever do to deserve to go through that audit process? ugh. I am still sad about that.

There were some unbelievably bad times, during which i learnt how strong I can be, I grew, forgave and moved on.

I have also learnt that mostly, in this life, you are on your own, manage your expectations of other people, learn to always look out for your self. I have also learnt to choose happiness, explore, put my self out there, be more open to opportunities, practice gratitude always and pursue excellence.

Exercise? hahaha, I am not even sure what happened this year, I tried to ensure exercise is part of my morning routine, but I am still looking for my sexy abs, I am not sure why it eludes me.

In December, I did the 31 day reset which helped me think a lot about my life and what I want, now I just need to write specific goals/targets for the new year as there’s already so much on my to do list.

I am ending this year with a changed status (I can’t keep calm, its surreal how your life can literally change forever in about 5 mins). I am still planning the wedding and the days seem to be flying by. I am a bit disenchanted with work but looking for a strong finish. I know what location I’ll be in a few month but once again, I am not sure what I’ll be doing but I know what I want and I do hope I get it. I do hope everything works out fine.

Ultimately, I am grateful for 2015 and all that came with it, sometimes so much was happening and other times I just wanted the year to move along. I am grateful for amazing friends and Family. 2016 feels a lot like the beginning of another amazing journey, plans are being written. It will also be my first year as a married woman and I am going to be a badass wife!

Cheers to new beginnings and an oh-so-amazing life as I live, love, learn, have fun and of course eat.