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Friends… or not

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Today, Mr T asked me a question, a seemingly simple one.

How many friends do you have? Not acquittances or work friends or people you are close to on a superficial level but people you have deep relationships with, those friends that you know what’s actually going on in their lives — their joys and struggles.


I mentioned a few names and it turns out by the conditions above I am not very close to some them.

This was harder than I thought. So I counted and the number I came up with was fewer than expected which is weird because my mama swears I have too many friends. Haha

This also got me thinking — What defines great friendship for you? especially in this increasingly connected world. How deep are your relationships? Is your friend the person who knows what’s really going on in your life? Is your friend the person who you are out of touch with for long periods but sync again as soon as you are in touch? Is your friend the person you have the most fun and communicate with? How many people make the list of possible people to call if your world is falling apart or when your dreams come true? Do you use the word ‘friend’ loosely or in a sacred way? Do you have a way of categorising friendships or the people in your life? How do you describe people you used to be much closer to?

I have a small number of friends by these standards — I’ll call them my inner circle of friends and they are amazing. However, I have so many amazing people in my life who I have shared so many amazing experiences with that I find it odd not to call them friends.