make your own luck

Make your own luck

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Recently, I have been very whiny.


Well, It’s this darn job search. It’s been almost 3 months since I relocated to London and I have lost almost all my motivation. I have applied for lots of jobs, I have gotten a few feedbacks, I have gone for a few interviews but I am still here without a job. I avoid people that ask me how the job search is going…there’s nothing new okay??!! God will do it….Yes, yes I know Ma’am.

The nice companies who give proper feedback have told me that I interview well but they need someone with ‘more experience’ in the industry (Product Management). Now I have a resigned feeling about everything, prolonged job search is bad for confidence…really.

I whine about how much time I put into applications and interview processes, it is so time consuming and sometimes it goes south at the last stage because the company decided they don’t want to fill the position again…ugh. I whine about how some lucky people get a graduate trainee program in a multinational after graduation and get set on the career path with all the mentorship they need, I whine about being confused about my own career path sometimes — I love product management but i also have experience in UI/UX design and some Front End Web Development.

Today, I stand in front of the mirror and wonder — when did I become this whiny girl? What happen to me? I have not always been this way, I don’t wait around hoping luck shines on me. Its time I walk out of this pity party I have set up for myself.

Today, I have decided I am going to make my own luck.

I am going to choose a professional career path and stick to it — Product Management (I loved the level of ownership and variety of experiences my previous role offered plus its UX + Business + Technology! and it uses my variety of skills…what’s not to love?) I will find a mentor, study, learn the technical skills i don’t already have to succeed in the field. I will go to that meetup and find the right connections online and offline, I will get involved in the community. I will step out of my comfort zone. I will discover where to find the right opportunities and plant my feet there.

I will keep designing when I can because it’s fun (problem solving and pretty things are always fun eh? ), challenging and design skills are a great asset for a product manager plus I have a freelance design business which brings in interesting projects and money…sometimes.

I will write (I shall consider this day 1 of my writing challenge), about my life, my experiences, my work and struggles.

I will rethink my job search strategy.

I will stop whining and start making my own luck

*cue music* What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!