The good girl’s guide to stop being an email snub

tobiogunsina Note to self, Random Leave a Comment

I get a lot of emails.

Okay, maybe not that many but I assume they will increase.


I ignore a lot of them, people contact me for all kinds of reasons – advice, referral, new roles or just hey, you cool.  Mostly, I am keen on replying… later, that’s what I tell myself

It pops up in my subconscious from time to time, I just never get to it. Sometimes I eat popcorn and wonder if the person thinks I am a snub but I just can’t bring myself to go look for the email.


I have decided to think up a solution to my own problem.

Reply immediately! Even if I do not finish the email because I need to put more thought into it, it will be easier to find in my draft. If I don’t start to reply immediately, then I will assume I have decided to never reply, but I won’t do this most of the time 🙂 . I am not a snub

Yes, that has to be the solution…I’ll let you know if this works.